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A Scribble and A Dream (23) - A New Encounter, A New Comrade

A New Encounter, A New Comrade

She glanced to her Thunderbird.
A notification. It was November 2, 2017.
Her boss had been searching for someone to be her co-worker, in the same branch with her.
Someone of equal experience and ability, if not better.
And now, a CV had arrived, a reference from one of her co-worker in a different branch.

She had received another candidate earlier, but it seemed her boss were undecided.
She scrolled through his profile, and printed it for her boss.
'Will this be the one?' she asked herself.
'This could be the last chance we had, with year end approaching fast...'

She herself had been asking her church friends to pray for it,
considering the double load she'll experience if she stayed solo in her branch.

*knock, knock*
"Excuse me, pak, I received this CV just now..."


It was end of November 2017.
After a few emails and discussions, her boss decided to call this man for an interview.
And to be honest, she was very curious.

"Somebody's looking for you."
Her administration manager called.
She jumped a bit, and prepared herself to meet her potential co-worker.

He looked quite mature, and intelligent.
Also, with his formal attire, he looks confident and high.
A bit cold and frightening, she thought.

She composed herself and greeted him, while waiting for her boss.
"Good morning, are you...?"


She glances to the lower right corner of her laptop.
March 13, 2018, 3.30 p.m.
Her gaze shifts to a man wearing a dark navy T-shirt, taking a power nap in front of her.

She reminisces a bit to his first month as a newcomer.
It did start quite awkwardly, with him seemingly acting so unsociable.
But after a few weeks, it seemed he started to feel comfortable in his new workplace.
Afterwards, it has been a fun and great experience in her department.

It is great to have someone standing on the same boat.
To have someone to turn to when you're in doubt to decide.
To have someone that can, indirectly, motivate you to do better, professionally.
To have someone to go through the tiring, busy season with a friendly chat and laughter in the middle of the night.

'An iron sharpens another iron, and a man sharpens one another.'
'Really, I couldn't imagine and hope for a better comrade, as of now.'
She can not agree more, and smiled quietly.

"Time to get back to work... The clock's ticking..."


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