Selasa, 01 Agustus 2017

A Scribble and A Dream (20) - Dear Dreamer

Dear Dreamer

Dreamer, dear dreamer
Oh, my dear dreamer
When the moon shines and glimmer
Brightly enveloping the field of flowers

Dreamer, oh dreamer
When musics are floating so softly
Oh, ting-a-ling, a-ling-a-ling
And the stars are dancing so sweetly

Dreamer, go and see
Spread your arms, out wide
Just like a little girl, prance and run
Breathe the fragrant air around

No one is here
Just you, beneath the starry skies
Sing aloud your hearts desire
Waltz amidst the blooming lilies

And dreamer, oh dreamer
Do know, your time will surely come
For you to wake, and dream no more

So please, sing and dance,
With no regrets
Sing and dance, until your heart
Is heavy no more


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