Senin, 03 April 2017

A Scribble and A Dream (17) - I, Thy Groom

I, Thy Groom

As I was running
Running away
And my heart trembled
Full of uneasiness

It felt like a rollercoaster ride
As I denied the One who saved me
The One who deserved me the most
Finding myself a runaway bride

Until He called me subtly
Whispering so softly
Yet struck me loudly
Forcing me to listen clearly

"I am Thy Groom
I am thine Redeemer
I have bought you
Give you freedom from slavery
All through My blood
Running through that rugged cross"

"And though you have always run away
Though you have always repeatedly betray Me
Yet I will not cease to search and call
Come home, and repent!"

O, young lady in waiting...
Is there any greater love than this?
Other than His who loves you unconditionally?
He who is waiting for you to trust Him
And be fulfilled in Him?

Trust Him, and be content in Him,
Serve Him without holding back,
Never seek happiness, love and joy outside of Him

For He is forever Our Savior
Our most glorious, heavenly Bridegroom
And we are forever His Bride


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