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A Scribble and A Dream (16) - A Letter From A Lady, to Her Brothers

To Her Beloved Brothers

My dear brothers,
I don't know whether this letter
Will fulfill its purpose in helping others
Especially my other sisters in Christ
But please, if you have the time to read
Consider its content, and if it's wise enough
Do not abandon my letter

My dear brothers, I have long heard that
Our requirements for our future partner,
The expectations of the Christian woman in our church, to be exact,
Is just too high, too perfect and too unattainable
And that's exactly why many of us are still single,
Even you can find those ladies in waiting, whose age is above 30

Now, let me ask you something
We have all attended the same sermon
And learned from the same Scripture
Maybe some of us even attended
The same wedding ceremonies of our mutual friends

Do you remember what is the single lesson echoed
Over and over and over again
Through all those teachings we've heard
Regarding the relationships of husband and wife?
Regarding how building a relationship between a boy and a girl ought to be?

This is what I remember:
Man should lead, woman should submit
Man should love, woman should respect
Man should be like Christ, and woman should be like the faithful church of Christ

And above all things mentioned before
Man and woman should always love Christ, first and foremost
And so their every relationship must be build on Christ
On wanting to learn more about God,
And to learn to love and obey Him more and more

And so, in a healthy relationship between man and woman
They ought to love Christ more than they love each other
Because only when the love of Christ is in them,
Only then, will true love flourish between human

Now, if all these things I remember is the truth
Is it too over the top for us
To hope to find a boy, a brother in Christ
That will lead us to pray together
To read the Bible together
To discuss books together
To sing hymns together
To encourage one another in our earthly service and calling,
the heavenly race entrusted to us?

Is it too much for us to hope for the above
even more than dating us according to the popular cultures?
To build our friendship, not by going to the movies
Or to those money-hoarding cafes and shopping malls?

And, if a man are supposed to love and protect a woman,
Is it too much if we ask for safety from you?

We understand that sometimes, our parents ask for too much.
"Use a car, use a taxi!"
"No motorcycle allowed, this world is not safe!"

And it puts us into a deep dillema,
For we know how hard your finance is,
Yet we don't want our parents to worry,
Or worst, to blame you should something unwanted happen.

It will surely crush our hearts,
To see our parent's sad and worried face,
And to see you regret our youthful, immature actions,
And it's certainly not because we don't want to struggle together with you in times of poor!

If a taxi is too much, just do it the old fashioned way!
I bet those lovely couples in the Bible
"Only" chat in front of their father's tent
Or in front of the water wells
During their courtship days
And yet, their love still blossoms!

If the sister you're courting is as kind and wise as Ruth,
She will not be disappointed, I'm sure of it!
For nothing beats more than learning to know each other
And spending time with each other,
All the while keeping ourselves from becoming a stumbling block.

Oh, and another thing,
Please don't be afraid to befriend our parents
Or to ask us to befriend your parents
Should your relationship with a particular sister
Is according to His right time and will
Her parents will eventually become yours, too
And your parents will eventually become hers!

Brothers, it is a hard journey for you
In fact, it is all a truly impossible mission!

We all understand
But be brave!
Be strong and courageous!
Not by your own strength, but Christ's!

We all have our shortcomings, we are all imperfect
And that includes us, the ladies in waiting
We learned to struggle, to become a faithful and pure lady
Just like Ruth is to Boaz
Just like Sarah is to Abraham
Just like a church is to her Heavenly Bridegroom,
Our Lord, Jesus Christ

And we are also far away from the heavenly standards set to us

But that just means there's room to grow!
Be confident, pray fervently,
And take the first step!
Leaders lead by giving examples and learning from mistakes.
Give us that example, and let's learn together from our errors!

And the last, but not the least,
To you, my brothers,
To you who have already found a godly sister
The one who keeps nagging you
To read the Bible and be discipline in daily devotionals
The one who drags you to Bible classes and seminars
The one who scolds you when you're sleeping or playing
During those boring, tiring Sunday sermons

Keep her! Don't you dare to ever let her go!
For she is like a beautiful pearl to you,
So precious, so lovely. 

And she will surely not make you into sin
By prioritizing her love to you
And making you into her idol
Replacing Christ with you, and thus pulling herself into idolatry

For the faithful sister knows
What her priority ought to be
That she ought to hold fast
To her faith
To her Heavenly Bridegroom
To her ever loving, faithful Savior

May you all find your Ms. Right
According to His faithful providence and plan in your life


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