Senin, 20 Februari 2017

A Scribble and A Dream (14) - A Small Turbulence


A month has passed
She has understood
That surrendering to Him in faith
Means giving her undivided heart to her Heavenly Groom

Since then, she has tried to remember
All that she read reminded her
To that promise she made to Him
That day when she read it in a book

Ah, how good intention of friends
Could sometime become the means
For the accuser to rock her determination
And make her fragile, unfaithful heart waver

Just when she decided to forget that person
And focus instead on what's in front of her
To duly, full heartedly finish the current calling
Entrusted by Him to her

Just a single chat
Telling her how her truly good friends have tried
To convince that person to approach her
And her heart immediately hoped for the thing
That she is not yet entitled to, not yet granted to have

Just how silly, how ungrateful and how unbelieving
How unfaithful a human's heart can be!

And yet she learned
How she found her peace back
By telling her Heavenly Groom aloud
Asking Him to console her and guard her heart
Asking Him to strengthen her to chase away the accuser

"Go away, you accuser!
Go away, you who seek to bring me farther away from His love!
Go away, you who seek to make me question His timing!
Go away, you who seek to make me doubt His best plans!"

And thus
In the midst of a turbulence
She learned that only His grace
Will help her get through

A small turbulence
is just what she needed to take another step forward
in learning to love and trust her Heavenly Groom

And for that,
She is again grateful.


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