Selasa, 03 Januari 2017

A Scribble and A Dream (9) - Unrequited


What is this?
This mind that won't go away
Caught myself thinking about him
Day by day

They say, "You like him"
They say, "It's the start of love"
And maybe, just maybe
I hope that it's true

For I know, I ain't pretty
Just a serious girl with no makeup
Just that girl who is seating across

But everytime I see him, hear him
I just feel so happy, hopelessly glad
Though I know that maybe, so much likely
This is just on my side with no reply

Yet, please let me hope
Please let me try
Please let me pray
Please let me love you, though in vain

For every season,
There's a time
I'm used to it, smiling bittersweet
Please let me be, till I walk away again


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