Rabu, 18 Januari 2017

A Scribble and A Dream (13) - Joyfully Single


Another day has arrived
She wake up, full of hope
That today will be wonderful

She comes to her office
Knowing that a lot of work awaits
Determined to give it the best that she can

She goes on meeting people
Some jokingly teases her
Others kindly asks on her future partner

But her heart is at peace
No longer disturbed...

Because she know
That releasing that desire
She had cling on to so desperately
And surrender it all
To the her Heavenly Father who knows all
Is what gives her freedom

The freedom that she need
To learn to become a bride
A bride to her Heavenly Bridegroom

To He who has died and given all His life
Providing ransom and release
Out of sin's slavery

And as a bride,
She is free to serve Him
To learn to love Him
Seeking Him, listening to Him

Day after day
Learning to please Him
Seeking to become closer to Him
And to become more like Him


Until the day comes
According to His divine decree
When she will meet her earthly bridegroom
Who will protect her and love her

But most of all, he will guide and lead her
To love her Heavenly Bridegroom even more

So, until that day
She is full of faith
That in His love

She will be joyfully single 😊

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