Minggu, 08 Januari 2017

A Scribble and A Dream (11) - Superficial


She knows...
She has always known...

On the outside
They are her friends
They are on good terms
They are very friendly and warm

But inside her heart,
When it feels like
She needed a friend to turn to
She found no one

Is it that she's afraid to become vulnerable?
Is it that she's afraid to ruin
Her already not-so-perfect mask?
Is it that she trusted no one except herself?

Maybe that's why
When she tried to reached out
She found herself unintentionally shut away by others

Because she has always shut herself in
She has chosen to be untouched by others

And so far,
That's what she thinks is the best for all
So that she will burden no one
No one, except for her so understanding father

'Should you know who I really am
All my deepest emotions and shoutouts
Will you go away in disgust?'

'Yes, I'm very self-absorbed.
And in writing, I keep myself sane.
Keeping hold of this emotions
I thought I must throw away.'

And thus, she ended her scribble for the day
A day that has almost ended
A week that will soon pass away
Preparing for the week that is soon to come


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