Senin, 19 Desember 2016

A Scribble and A Dream (8) - A (Very) Happy News

A (Very) Happy News

He is super thrilled.
He is "finally" moving to a better job, with a far better salary.
And, hopefully, a better superior as well.
His soon-to-be manager is their long-time-church friend after all.
He was even the bestman for his soon-to-be-manager's wedding.

Yup, it is very, very evident in her ears.
His voice is so clearly celebrating.
It's even trembling with excitement, full of happiness.
In her mind, she can picture him jumping in joy.

And that makes her want to jump in joy with him.
Unfortunately, it's currently office hour.
'No jumping in the office'
'Should such a sign existed in this office, it will be hilarious'
She giggled silently in her heart.

At least, her lips can't help but smile.
She wondered, is that how her voice was 3 years ago?
When she told her father about her acceptance in her current office?
'I think, I now understand how he felt that time'

And then, something new happened.
She get this overwhelming feeling.
It's so moving that she almost shed tears.
Is this how it feels to become genuinely joyful with others?

Or, maybe it's caused by other things?
She doesn't have this feeling with her other (girl) friends.
This is the first time ever for her.
Is it? Or, is it not?

A single voice chat, and a very short one at that.
A simple chat is enough to make her wonder.
'I think, maybe... But I'm not so sure...'

OK, off you go, back to work.


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