Kamis, 08 September 2016

A Scribble and A Dream (6) - A Reunion

A Reunion

She glanced at the calendar. September 3, 2016.

Her mind wandered back to a Whatsapp chat message she received 2 months prior.

"Let's meet up! And invite others too..."

Somehow it ended up with her being appointed as the unofficial organizer for the event, unknowingly and involuntarily.

Well, yeah, part of it is also caused by her exasperation that no one seems to take efforts to realize this plan.

She checked her high school group chat again.

9 confirmed persons, including her.

After all those dissenting opinions with no concrete alternative, silent chat reads and "yeah whatever" replies to the proposed place and time.

Oh well, let's get going...

In overall, it was a decent reunion.

The place was unpredictably dim and hot during the weekends, different from how it was during the weekdays.

'No more reunion here. The atmosphere is not enough.'

The food? Well, within expectation, considering the price and the full belly of her friends afterwards.

At least, that was a relief and a good consolation for the organizer. :-)

The conversation itself is quite pleasant.

Some of the more chatty friends put an effort to bring up some topics, so the awkward silent moments are minimized.

Two things were swirling in her mind.

How glad she was to see that all of those noisy high school girls and boys have grown up to be such mature, good mannered and polite young men and ladies. Now this is what you should call, "Cool!".

At least, that was how she saw it.

And yet, here she saw another proof that what we know as children, all those success stories our parents and teachers told us about this and that career, is perhaps nothing but a dream, a wish, and an unrealistic imagination.

In front of her was the wife of a young doctor couple that has come to a conclusion that their career might not be sufficient to finance their family in the future. Now, who is it that told us youngsters, that the life of a doctor is bright and secure?

Also, her two non-certified architect friends are struggling to earn more money by taking freelance projects, asking another certified architect to sign the design.

Lastly, a jobless guy whose biggest talent is possibly in art. Well, this country provides no decent living for artists, so he would have to try to make it in other countries. Seems he doesn't have the funds to do so...

Seems like the whole scene is screaming to her, "See? Passions are only for day-dreamers! If you want to survive, both now and in the future, don't you dare follow your passion..."

It's 3 p.m. She and her friends bid goodbye to each other with a smile and a wave.

Well, maybe some other time, they can meet again.

And she promised silently in her heart, that she will never be the organizer again.

She hurriedly called a taxi home. Another to do list was waiting.

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