Kamis, 30 Juni 2016

A Scribble and A Dream (5) - A Song

A Song

"At Gwanghamun"...

The singer has exactly the same age as she is.

In fact, this boy's (or man's) birthday is just a day after her own birthday.

When she was a younger, more innocent teenager, she used to silently take pride in that unimportant, silly fact only she herself knew.

She loves his songs very, very much.

And yet, she has promised herself not to attend any of his rare concerts in her country. Logically, it's just... not worth her time and money, that is ought to be saved and used properly.

She has always restrained herself not to be a fanatic fans of his, and she has promised herself that she will never be.

After all, he is someone from a faraway country, someone who has been striving so hard to achieve his dreams to become a great singer and entertainer, and is getting paid well for his very, very long and (surely) painful effort from early adolesence.

But still...

His songs, his sweet and powerful singing voice that never fails to mesmerize her, fills her melancholic heart.

Oneul babocheoreom

Geu jarie seo inneun geoya 🎶

She sighs, and silently, voicelessly singing the melodies along, enjoying words she doesn't understand.

"What about me?" she wondered.

Same age, yet so different...

Here she is, doing something that she should do...

There he is, doing something that he must do, his life-long dream...

Does he love doing what he is doing?

What would happen if I had taken a different path?

What would happen if I had let myself took the same path as his?

She imagines herself making music alongside him, then shakes her head.

Nah, don't be silly, ahaha...

A shaky, sharp voice, an ordinary piano playing, and a not-so-popular musical preference.

A complete amateur...

It definitely wouldn't sell, what else can be done?

She glances a bit, sighs one more time, and continued typing on the screen in front of her.

Working day is almost over...


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