Selasa, 21 Juni 2016

A Scribble and A Dream (3) - A Walk


A Walk

A traffic light.

An intersection.

Cars passing by, along with some honks.

The girl turned her head over and glanced across the street.

How many times has she done this?

Ah, no need to count, just a waste of time anyway.

Look, the light has turned green.

Her leg starts moving, making steady steps towards the brown, old building.

In the midst of it, she looked up, high to the skies.

For her, life has always been like this.

How she longs for something new, something exciting!

Something that, perhaps, can make her heart flutter with great thrill and passion.

Something that she is willing to do with great gladness in the heart.

She inhales the polluted town air, and lets out a deep sigh.

Her steps quicken, lest the traffice light turns red again.


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