Selasa, 24 November 2015

A Simple Prayer

Dear Lord...

When things doesn't seem to go our way
When our plans seems to be washed away
When all that our hearts sees are failures and bad days

Please help us, Lord...

To remember that You are in control
To remember that You are the Ultimate Master Planner
To see that, without You, messy days will be even messier

Dear Lord,

When our daily tasks seems to pressure us
When our priorities seems to compete for the number one spot
When our body complains and told us that "we want to slack off, we deserve some fun!"

Please help us, Lord,

To stop for a while, take a step back and breath
To remember, that above all, only You deserve that number one spot
To remember, that sad and angry heart will make us even more depressed

May we be reminded daily, o Lord...

Of the things that led us to where we are today
Of the invisible little blessings, that You brought to us, one by one
Of the chances and encounters that led us to our past decisions
Of the people that will be blessed after the tasks are finished
So that, amidst all the hardships and anxiety for the unknown future, we can all still be joyful

But above all, dear Lord, in everything we do, please help us to remember You.
For we can not remember You using our own strength.

The world has tried so hard to take us apart from You.
Our time, our strength, our happiness, every single little thing.
Please help us to cling unto You, and nothing else.

And now, that we have to go back to our lives,
Out of the garden where we walk and talk with You,
Please give us Your countenance, so that we will not bring shame towards Your name.
May Your glory be forever and ever.


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