Kamis, 03 November 2011

Letting go, reaching back

Well, this is one poem I've made myself, probably a few months ago. I only save it in my phone, then I realize today that I might lose it someday... So, here it is, a little poem about my long hidden dream, which is almost forgotten for the present day me.

I have this dream
Such a wonderful dream
Where life is ringing
Its joy in a sweet melody
All the instruments
Tingling notes in harmony
Such touching symphony
I've never heard

Then I wake up to face my day
With a lonely longing in my heart
But life must go on,
I have to move forward
And here I am, walking,
Hoping along my way
That this dream I had
Isn't merely a dream
For someday, somehow
It's meant to come true

And although, my present life
Is pushing me to forget that dream
I don't wanna give up, I'll look up to it
Oh, when will I reach my dream?

See now, I'll wait and prepare

So... I... will...
Let go of this dream for now
Just a while, yes, for a short while
But see, I'm going to reach it back...
I'll hang it far enough to be seen
Yet not too far it's unreachable

I'll work hard and gain it
With my sweat and my tears
Along with the prayer, that it'll be

Silently, tenderly,
Lovingly, patiently,
Beautifully waiting for me...

2 komentar:

  1. The first step to make a change in your life is to dare to create a dream, with a never dying hope in your deepest heart that it might/ surely will come true...
    Have a nice day... xD

  2. @Eunice Limantara: Thanks for the encouragement, my dear sweet little sister... Have a nice day as well... :-)