Rabu, 02 November 2011

A dieter's small story

Hi, welcome to my second post in 2011... Have u read my first post this year, "Hello!! Hello!", yet?

This time, I'm going to share my first time working diet plan...
Well, actually it's quite a very simple plan.

To tell you, I don't have to courage to cut my meal portion immediately, so I started small by substituting my dinner meal into one or two apple (depending on the size). Aside of that, I ate my breakfast and lunch in my usual portion.

After I get used to it, then I started cutting the size of my lunch portion. For example, if I usually ate around 6 spoonful of rice, then I'll just eat 4 sponful on the day I started this step.

Easy, you say? Not quite, especialy if you're someone who is so accustomed with large meal portions. I found myself struggling about this after a few weeks. Sometimes, I ended up buying food from the warteg (hehe...) just because I felt like eating something tasty.   STO

If you notice it, you'll see that by replacing the dinnermeal with the apple means you'll eat less salt and spices... For someone who likes to eat meals with lots of spices, that'll make you miss your favorite taste.

But anyway, I passed that period of time (with daily control on the body weight balance.. ;-p).
Now, I'm trying another type of diet plan. I'll eat my breakfast in my usual portion, then exchange my usual lunch meal into 3 spoonful of instant oats and some "lauk" (don't know the English, LOL). I can eat a boiled egg, or fried mushroom snack, or onion-flavored peanut, or anything salty as this "lauk".
Then, I'll eat an apple at night, along with some small bread. Any kind of bread will do, including the one bought from the bread-seller passing in front of my house.

For every diet plan, people will like to hear the result. And I tell you, I reduced 4 kgs in 7 months using my first diet plan. Not a very fast progress, eh? But for me, it's better if I could get it done in a "slow but sure" pace, rather than forcing myself to reduced a lot of weight only to gain more because I got into a berserk eating mode after I finish my diet.
And it's quite a good idea to keep these plans as my new healthy eating habits.
As for today, I've reduced 1 kgs in a month using my second diet plan. Let me inform you that I'm not the person who goes to gym often, in fact, I dislike sport. Maybe that's why my diet plans can't reduce my weight as fast as I hope it will, but it's still worth it. ^^

So, want to try it as well?
I'm waiting to hear your sharing about this diet plan thing.
Maybe I could also learn from your own diet plan....


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